Too Chefs Fund Raisers

  1. Member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau of Atlanta for over 16 years. The Company – Started in 1994, frozen meat sales, home delivery. Same location for 16 years: 1710-J Wilwat Drive, Norcross, GA 30093; (616-662-9590);
  2. The People – Karl Allred, “The Butcher”, sole owner of Too Chefs. Owns and operates this one store, giving it all of his time and attention to personally ensure superior service. Mr. Allred is a Grand Rapids, Michigan (Ottawa Co.), resident for 34 years.
  3. Mission – Permanently change “fundraising” from a pain to a pleasure. Take the load off parents, boosters, coaches, students and the school. Make extra curricular activities financially within reach of every student and family.
  4. Accreditation – All beef, chicken, and pork USDA inspected, seafood FDA inspected. All labeled accordingly. All products, vehicles, and facility are Michigan Department of Agriculture inspected and approved.
  5. References – Provides successful fundraiser programs for over 70 organizations.
  6. How to Start – Simply contact us and we set a date to meet with your booster officers, coaches, parents or whoever you like for a 10 min. presentation. During this meeting, not only will we will answer any and all questions, but we also bring a case of our fundraising steaks to GIVE TO YOUR GROUP TO TAKE HOME AND TRY FREE. After enjoying our mouth-watering steaks and making believers of everyone, sales will be easy. When you’ve had time to sample and discuss our program, simply make the call to “the Butcher”! We’ll deliver the freezer fully stocked to your location and have your customized brochures within 10 days!

Other fundraiser programs (and recipe contents) will be added soon, so be sure to check back frequently for additions!

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