About Too Chefs

Too Chefs Inc. was started in 1994 with a goal of providing premium quality meat and unbeatable service at a great value: the total package!

Too Chefs Inc., is 100% locally owned and operated by “The Butcher”. We are not affiliated with any other company, store, or branch in any way in or out of state-period.

“The Butcher” himself devotes 100% of his business effort to this location only. This personal attention is what makes us who we are.

Having over 16 years of success and 100% customer satisfaction, Too Chefs has become Michigan’s best (and most convenient) source for premium quality meats!

Prices – The prices of premium meat products are staggering at mail order and online meat companies, mostly due to the price of shipping, advertising, and ultra-costly ecommerce website maintenance. In comparison, their prices make us look like heroes! Quality – We carry only USDA Choice, Prime, and Select Beef products. All midwestern American beef with no tenderizing. No commercial grade, ungraded, no roll, or utility beef is permitted in our vehicles or warehouse. Credibility – All of our products are inspected and approved by the USDA. Futher, the Michigan Department of Agriculture inspects our products for a second time along with inspections of our vehicles and our main distribution center. This ensures that nothing less than the highest quality products will be passed on to our customers. Packaging – When compared to grocery stores and warehouse clubs, not only are our prices unbeatable and our quality excels, but our packaging is far superior. Why does packaging matter? Typical store packaging is a simple sheet of plastic wrap that may be good for 2 to 3 weeks in the freezer before the meat begins to spoil, get freezer burn, and/or pick up odors and other tastes. Ours products are packaged with high quality commercial grade Cryovac® protective packaging, which guarantees them to stay fresh for one year! Handling – Store bought meats have typically been handled at least 3 times: at the plant, distribution center, and retail store. Each stop involves several staff members, tables, gloves, saws, aprons, etc. Our products are handled only once and then safely sealed until you open it! Variety – We are NOT a freezer plan company: with Too Chefs, you buy what you want, when you want it, after visually inspecting every item in the comfort of your own home. Convenience – How great is it to have the whole grocery store meat display case to choose from at home each night? With Too Chefs, you get convenience minus high prices…and avoid waste due to spoilage from poor packaging.

All of the above combined with our total commitment to ensure all of our customers are well pleased, both with our products and our service, are the things that have made us Michigan’s best for over 16 years!

We invite you to treat yourself to the cream of the crop with our premium quality savory meats! All of our products are so wonderfully juicy and flavorful that once tried, out customers always come back for more. Let the quality, freshness, and flavor of our products prove why you’ll never again want to buy meat products from anyone except Too Chefs Inc.!

For your convenience, we accept all Major Credit Cards and the EBT (Bridge Card).

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